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Basic Usage

In order to use animations provided by this preset, you need to add the animate-in or animate-out classname for enter or exit animations correspondingly, then add animations you need.


Different animations (fade, zoom, spin and slide) can be used together.

E.g. the below code will make the element fade in, zoom in and slide in from top at the same time.

<button class="animate-in fade-in-50 zoom-in-80 slide-in-from-top-5">Button A</button>


Usage of the bracket [] syntax is dropped in this preset from v1.0.0-beta.8.

This is intentional because

  • UnoCSS is very flexible, and you don't need to use it at all in this preset.
  • The syntax is error-prone and may destroy the whole animation with a single invalid value.

For anything you define in [] except specific syntax for CSS variables (e.g. [--foo]), it will always use the value inside as is, hence it's very easy to make mistakes.

E.g. the below code will destroy the whole animation since it's not a valid rotate() value.

<button class="animate-in spin-in-[30]">Button A</button>

It will generate --una-enter-rotate: 30;, which lacks a unit and will make the whole transform property invalid.

Instead, just write spin-in-30 or spin-in-30deg to make it work, which will generate --una-enter-rotate: 30deg;.

Enter Animations

To give an element enter animations, use the animate-in shortcut in combination with fade-in, zoom-in, spin-in and slide-in classnames.

<button class="animate-in fade-in ...">Button A</button>
<button class="animate-in spin-in ...">Button B</button>
<button class="animate-in zoom-in ...">Button C</button>
<button class="animate-in slide-in-top ...">Button D</button>

Exit Animations

To give an element exit animations, use the animate-out shortcut in combination with fade-out, zoom-out, spin-out and slide-out classnames.

<button class="animate-out fade-out ...">Button A</button>
<button class="animate-out spin-out ...">Button B</button>
<button class="animate-out zoom-out ...">Button C</button>
<button class="animate-out slide-out-bottom ...">Button D</button>

Released under the MIT License.